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New England Decks & Floors has done a lot of major specialty flooring, floor waterproofing, athletic surfacing and promenade roof work. In addition, a great deal of our business has always been smaller service jobs where owners or general contractors call us in for fast, accurate work over existing surfaces or to solve existing flooring problems. We enjoy these jobs because they are tricky, challenging and provide us with the opportunity to make new friends.

We are the best in the business for trowel-applied, jointless floors with special characteristics. Floors that are waterproof, chemically resistant, fire retardant or fireproof, hard, resilient, sound deadening, non-dusting, electrically conductive, skid resistant, non-absorbing, flexible, colorful…you name it. We have the capability and the experience to do the best job for you.


The job pictures displayed below provide examples of the typical jobs with which we are constantly involved. In addition to the pictures below, please visit our clients page to view a list of some of our clients–owners, architects, general contractors–many of whom you will recognize. While we install all kinds of troweled flooring-oxychloride cements, asphaltic compositions, neoprenes, epoxies and acrylics-we use only the finest materials of each type.



Specialty Flooring

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Jointless, easily cleaned floor in a hospital animal research area Floors that resist meat fats, salt spillage & heavy traffic such as this “boning room” Kitchen flooring – jointless, sanitary & thin enough not to raise floor levels appreciably




Floor Waterproofing

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Our waterproof floors stop leakage in mechanical equipment rooms such as this one 60,000 square feet of waterproof garage flooring completely stopped damage from water leakage



Athletic Surfacing and Promenade Roof Work

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Our resilient, jointless sports surfaces transform the gym into the most versatile room in the school Promenade roof coverings combine their own flashing, waterproof membrane & traffic bearing surface




We are called in on these types of jobs because general contractors and owners have confidence in us. They know us by our reputation and our experience. They know we are responsive and that our crews of specialty trained craftsmen have been with us for many years. We work weekends and around-the-clock to ensure that our clients receive the level of performance they require. Difficult conditions on the job don’t bother us. We know how to prepare the toughest kind of floors to receive our materials, accurately evaluating what has to be removed and what may remain. In addition, our sales estimators are fully experienced and have a solid understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations.


Every New England Decks & Floors installation is fully guaranteed. We’ve been in business for 60 years, and plan to be around for a long time. New England Decks & Floors provides full insurance on every job. We want and need your business–no matter how small, big, complex or demanding.